Patole at The Night Market

Nocny Market ul.Towarowa 3 Wola


09 - 12 August, 2018
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Patole at The Night Market

Foodie R 8 August 2018

This weekend – from Thursday to Sunday – the trio – Magiczny Składnik, Fajny Dining and Edie Maciejewska will appear as guest stars at the Night Market under the headline “Patole”. They will prepare patole which is street food on a stick inspired by such dishes as satays, shashliks, yakitori, kofta, souvlaki.The special menu will include three dishes: Patyk Vega: eggplant, baked garlic sauce (or ajwar in the vegan option), rose radishes, tomatoes; Kark Lee: pork neck from Złotnicka pig, baked plums, chinaslaw, sesame cucumbers (crocodiles); Janusz Kofta: lamb kofta, tzatziki with cucombers, ajwar with roasted apricots, tomatoes.

photo source: Patole na Nocnym FB