opasly tom

Opasły Tom

ul. Wierzbowa 9Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 22 621 18 81


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Opasły Tom in new bigger venue at Wierzbowa Street

Marta Glinka 1 December 2018

Opasły Tom restaurant operating for 7 years at Foksal street, moved to a new, larger location. The new, two-level premise at Wierzbowa is larger than the previous one, it has twice as many seats for guests and three times more backstage facilities. The restaurant is located of in the firmer venue of restaurant Oaza, trendy place at the end of the 19th and beginnig of 20th century. The chef of the restaurant is Flavia Borawska, the first resident of Opasły Tom at Foksal. Flavia, in line with the new philosophy of the place, will invite other chefs to cook with her – residents who will change regularly, each of them will cook up to three months. In the restaurant, two degustation menu will be available regularly, as well as a la carte dishes. The first resident of Opasły Tom in the new location is Maria Przybyszewska specializing in vegan cuisine. In the current menu of the restaurant you will find, among others celery baked in salt, beans with smoked plum, boletus consomme with dumplings with goose, wild boar loin, pumpkin dumplings or duck leg.

opasly tom

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