Targ Rolny KOnesera

Targ Rolny Konesera - Easter Edition

Centrum Praskie Koneser, pl. Konesera Praga Północ


13 - 20 April, 2019
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Targ Rolny Konesera – new food market Easter Edition

Foodie R 13 April 2019

From 13 to 20 April, Targ Rolny Konesera will be held at Koneser Center. You will be able to buy here vegetables, fruits, preserves, fish, cheese and meats, honey, sweets directly from farmers and producers of regional and traditional food. Among the producers you will find Kaszubska Koza (cheese), Michał Molenda (bread), Paweł Szymczak (fish from Masuria), Piotr Lenart and Niech Cię Zakole (meat), Kiszonki Pana Tadka. The market will be accompanied by handicraft workshops and attractions for children. In addition to the producers of food in the Easter edition, there will be also folk artists, producers of ceramics, toys and decorations. Targ Rolny Konesera is not a one-time event, the market will be held regularly, every Saturday from 8: 00-16: 00 till the end of September. .

Targ Rolny KOnesera