natka i tymianek

Natka i Tymianek

ul. Głębocka 82aBiałołęka, Warszawa
Phone: 796 660 360


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Natka i Tymianek – family restaurant with Polish cuisine

Marta Glinka 30 May 2019

Natka i Tymianek, a family restaurant specialized in Polish cuisine, opened in May at Głębocka street in Białołęka. The name of the place comes from the names of the owners’ children (Natalia and Tymon). The menu features among others potato pancakes with sugar and cream or with salmon and cream, sweet (with cheese, jam, nutella) or savory pancakes as well as dumplings (Russian, with meat or spinach). For the main course, we can choose pork chop (schabowy) with fried cabbage and potatoes, meat balls (mielony) with beetroots, turkey grilled with polenta, or beef cheeks in mushroom and plum sauce. Natka and Tymianek is a child friendly place – there is a play area, changing facilities, as well as a special, extensive menu including a chicken and vegetable kaszotto, pancakes with apple, corn flour pancakes with banana, dumplings or tomato soup with homemade noodles.

natka i tymianek

photo source: Natka i Tymianek Facebook