Royal breakfast on the grass in Wilanów

Villa Intrata ul.Stanisława Kostki Potockiego 23 Wilanów


18 May, 2019
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Royal breakfast on the grass in Wilanów

Foodie R 18 May 2019

On Saturday, May 18, the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace in Wilanow / Villa Intrata invites you to the Royal breakfast on the grass, where you will be able to experience the taste of Old Polish cuisine. During the breakfast there will be served four different dishes in tasting portions. There will be many attractions organized including: old dance workshops and coffee brewing show. There will be also opportunity to see and buy old Polish cookbooks. The organizers ask guests to take blankets with  to the picnic. In case of rain the breakfast will be served in the elegant interiors of Villa Intrata.

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