The Farm

ul. Mokotowska 8Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 725 320 420


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The Farm – new restaurant and meat deli at Mokotowska

Marta Glinka 12 September 2019

The Farm is a new restaurant opened at the beginning of July in a historic building at Mokotowska street opposite Współczesny Theater. The restaurant’s cuisine is based on products mainly from Warmia and Mazury, from their own farm located on the edge of the Borecka Forest, as well as from trusted suppliers from those areas. The ingredients used at the restaurant include cheeses from Thorsten, fruit and vegetables from Tłokowo, flour from Warmińscy Chłopi Bosi. The Aberdeen Angus seasoned beef served in the restaurant comes from the farm, bread is homemade, and also prepare vegetable and fruit pickles and preserves (including patisons, purple beans, white asparagus, tomatoes, beetroot leaves, kohlrabi and many others).

Th chef of The Farm is Krzysztof Chwiała, who previously cooked, among others in restaurants in Warsaw, Mazury, London and Abu Zabi. In the menu he created, we can find among others homemade duck prosciutto with white asparagus, trout mousse with cucumber cannelloni, tomato tartare or hokkaido pumpkin cold soup. For the main course we can choose lamb chops with eggplant, fried trout fillet, entrecote and cheek of seasoned beef, pike with young artichokes, burger from Aberdeen Angus or risotto with Ermlander cheese, chanterelles and herbal salsa.

The restaurant’s menu changes regularly to match the seasonality of the products. The restaurant’s drink menu includes a large selection of organic, bio and vegan wines. We can also order here regional alcohols  – Ukiel beer, mead or craft cider  from Kwaśne Jabłko.

The Farm is not only a restaurant, but also a deli shop, where we can buy steaks, cold meats, sheep’s, cow’s and goat’s cheese and sheep’s yogurt. All seasoned steaks available at the shop can be prepared on site in the wood-fired Josper oven. During the week at lunch hours you can order a portion of meat with grill vegetables or french fries for little more than 20 zł.

The partner of the article is The Farm restaurant.


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