Wege Festiwal PKIN

Vege Festiwal

Palace of Culture and Science plac. Defilad 1 Śródmieście


08 March, 2020
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Vege Festival at Palace of Culture and Science

Marta Glinka 5 March 2020

The next edition of Vege Festival will take place on March 8 at Palace of Culture and Science. There will be available dozens of vegan food stands from all over Poland. At the gastronomy stands you will be able to eat on site, as well as buy product to take home from various producers of vegan food products. The list of exhibitors will include among others: Mojo Picon, Lemon Rider, Magic of Tastes, Georgian Cuisine, Super Krówka, Pigwoniada, Veg Sisters, Seitan Threat, Lula, Zimny Dranie, Zielony Talerz, Weed Food and Yes Cheese. Vege Festival is also an opportunity to take part in lectures and culinary workshops, as well as to buy other vegan products such as natural cosmetics and fashion without animal ingredients.

Wege Festiwal PKIN

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