Kuchnia Imigrantów

Kuchnia Imigrantów - piknik międzykulturowy

Iskra Pole Mokotowskie, ul. Wawelska 5 Ochota


05 July, 2020
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Kuchnia Imigrantów – piknik międzykulturowy

Marta Glinka 5 July 2020

New edition of Immigrant Cuisine – Intercultural picnic wil take place on Sunday in the garden of the ISKRA Club at Pole Mokotowskie. Immigrants from around the world who live in Poland will cook their favourite dishes. During the picnic you will be able to taste, among others Vietnamese, Indian, Georgian, Spanish, Lebanese or Asian dishes. The picnic will include food from  Masitta Korea Food, Thai Style, Saffron Spices, Taj Ice, Ottoman Temptation, Kimchi Poland, Pho 206, Mojo Picon, Georgian Cuisine, Pitaya.Kuchnia Imigrantów

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