Baron the Family Grill Bar

Baron The Family Grill Bar

ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 4Śródmieście, Warszawa

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Baron The Family Grill Bar – new venue of Aleksander Baron

Marta Glinka 7 September 2020

Aleksander Baron, a former chef of restaurant Solec 44 or Zoni, who recently was busy with his online store selling fermented vegetables or home made sausages, has opened a grill bar. The new Baron’s place is located at Krakowskie Przedmieście, in the former Harenda  area and only works as an outdoor restaurant. In Baron the Family Grill Bar, we can find chef’s signature dishes, often based on products available in his online store, such as gingerbread sausage, Polish choripan, curry, white sausage with rosemary as well as hot dogs based on these sausages and fermented vegetables (kimchi, radishes). We can also eat here beef ribs, pork ribs, mangalica shashlik, pork neck steak, burgers and roast beef. There is also a special menu  with orders that need to be placed 3 days in advance, including dishes such as: whole lamb, whole pork, whole grilled chicken, pig’s head. Despite the mainly meaty nature of the place, the menu also includes vegetarian and vegan dishes: cold soups (including Lebanese, multum fermentum or tomato soup), eggplant shashlik, vegeburger, salads, baked potato or french fries.

Baron the Family Grill Bar

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