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Przysmak serving Polish cuisine for over 60 years

Marta Glinka 9 November 2020

Nostalgy has been one of the key food trends since the pandemic began. More and more often we reach for traditional home cooked food, in search of flavours and  memories from our childhoods. Przysmak  located in a pre-war tenement house at Lwowska Street is a place that allows you to taste the food reminding you of your mother’s or grandmother’s cuisine. It is one of the longest operating eateries in Warsaw, which has been feeding already few generations of Poles for over 60 years.

For the last 30 years, Przysmak has been run by two sisters – Wanda Wrzeszcz and Barbara Denkiewicz, who stand by the kitchen from Monday to Friday, preparing food for their guests. The menu in Przysmak  is habdwritten by one of the owners and is changed every day. It includes popular Polish dishes, including traditional soups (e.g. sorrel soup, tomato, cucumber or cabbage soup), main courses (minced cutlet with beetroot, stuffed cabbage, potato dumplings with fried cabbage, a piece of meat in horseradish sauce, dumplings with meat, Russian dumplings, beef stew, pork chop) and a variety of traditional extras (fried cabbage, beetroot, cauliflower).

Currently, like all gastronomy, the restaurant operates in  “only takeout and delivery” formula. It is not easy for them now, because they are not a hipster place that is very visible in social media. If you want Przysmak to continue to feed Varsovians with traditional Polish dishes for the next few years – order their food  as delivery or pick up option and help them this way to survive.

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