Terroir Warsaw

Forteca Kręgliccy, ul. Zakroczymska 12 City Center


27 May, 2018
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Terroir Warsaw 27th & 28th May

Foodie R 23 April 2018

Terroir Warsaw is an international gastronomic event which will be held on 27th and 28th May in Warsaw. It consists of a forum on changing Polish culinary scene and a special dinner prepared by Polish and foreign chefs.

On May 27, a conference will be held at Forteca Kregliccy and presenters will talk about the present and future of Polish gastronomy including the potential and promotion of Polish cuisine as a brand. Foreign guests will share their experiences from Norway, Canada, Ireland, Germany or Australia.

A day later – on May 28th, several Polish and foreign chefs will cook a dinner together at Zoni restaurant. The event will be attended by recognized Polish and foreign chefs, including Amanda Cohen (New York), JP Mc Mahon (Ireland), Mark Best (Sydney), Robert Trzópek (Bez Gwiazdek), Justyna Słupska-Kartaczowska (Jadka), Aleksander Baron (Zoni). Terroir Warsaw is addressed to chefs, restaurateurs, sommeliers, foodies. Tickets for Terroir Warsaw (both on the forum and at dinner) can be purchased at Terroir Warsaw website.

WarsawFoodie.pl is the media patron of the event.

Terroir Warsaw