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Na Bałkany

ul. Koszykowa 47Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 22 118 38 38


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Balkan Sliders will take over Koszykowa Street!

Marta Glinka 17 February 2019

It will not be boring at Koszykowa! Who wants to travel for a moment to the South of Europe and taste Balkan street food? On February 18 in Na Bałkany restaurant at Koszykowa starts the Balkan Sliders Week, – mini burgers  inspired by Balkan cuisine.

For a week from 18 to 24 February guests of Na Bałkany restaurant will be able to try six different mini burgers (including 3 meat and 3 vegetarian), served in sets of 3. Sliders flavors are inspired by traditional Balkan burgers served on the grill. Each sandwich is served in a homemade, baked on-site roll, with Balkan extras such as ajvar, sirene, kajmak or halloumi. The meat set includes  three different sliders – with beef, kajmak, caramelized onions, ajvar, bacon and smoked cheese; with lamb, sirene cheese, marinated beetroot and tzatziki sauce;  shrimp, peach salsa and crème fraîche. Vegetarians can choose Vege Sliders and try rolls with mushrooms, caramelized onions and hummus; with breaded zucchini and tzatziki, as well as halloumi, ajvar and rucola.

Slider is a US term for a sandwich approx. 5 cm size served in a soft roll. For the first time, this name was used in the American White Castle burgers chain in Kansas in 1985. The name slider refers to the ease of eating due to the small size of the burger. Currently, the term slider usually refers to different mini burgers, but may also apply to other sandwiches served in a small soft roll. One slider is a snack, three can be a decent meal, allowing to try different flavors, and more sliders is the perfect option for a shared meal together with friends or a treat at a party.

The partner of the article is Na Bałkany restaurant. Photo source: Na Bałkany restaurant.


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