5 reasons to visit Koneser this winter

Marta Glinka 17 December 2019

1. 15 restaurants, bars and cafes serving dishes from around the world

There are numerous restaurants, cafes and bar in Koneser, where you can taste as many as 250 different dishes from all around the world. The available cuisines include Polish, Mexican, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, Asian and more. Most of the restaurants have also special menus or dishes for vegetarians.

2. Winter festivals for everyone

There is always something going on at Koneser. You can do shopping at the Christmas Agricultural Market, buy jewelry for the Xmas gift, take part in yoga classes or art opening, play board games, take part in a family Christmas game or taste dishes at the Great Warsaw Feast. Detailed event plans can be checked in advance on the Koneser website and Facebook profile.

3. Slow style shopping

Koneser is a place for slow style shopping in numerous designer fashion stores, luxury alcohols, interior furnishings, designer furniture or in a contemporary art gallery … If you are looking for something unique during Xmas or carnival shopping – check the Koneser shops.

4. New Year’s Eve in Koneser the way you choose

You can spend New Year’s Eve in Koneser in several different ways. The Polish Vodka Museum organises sightseeing combined with tasting, the Moxy Hotel – a party to the rhythm of the blockbusters of the 80s and 90s, in Wuwu you can enjoy  New Year’s Eve in a retro style, and Syreni Śpiew – taking you to the Prohibition times. You can also enjoy New Year’s Eve dinners at Koneser Grill, Zoni and Orzo.

5. Koneser open during Holidays

You can also visit the Connoisseur on Christmas, New Year when many restaurants and bars will be open and will have a chance to try special festive dishes. In Zoni you will be able to eat mushroom soup, tartare or herring, in Koneser Grill you will find herring with sour cream and vegetable salad, in Wuwu sourdough borscht, stew with venison and dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms. Orzo has prepared special vegetarian holiday dishes.

You can find more about events, restaurants and shops on the Koneser website and Facebook profile.

The article partner is Centrum Praskie Koneser. Source of photos: Centrum Praskie Koneser.