5 best for Polish Schabowy (pork chop)

Joanna Mróz 8 January 2019

On the wave of growing trend for Polish cuisine, there are also more and more places, thanks to which we can again be proud of the Polish Schabowy = pork chop. It stops to be served as a unchewable piece of meat. It takes on the juiciness and crunchiness of breadcrumbs. It aspires to a fantastic candidate for both Sunday lunch and dinner in the week. Here are our favorite places for Schabowy (pork chops).


1. Schabowy (ul. Obrzeżna 1) – there is no way to start this list other than from a place that has Schabowy even in the name! Here, you can eat three kinds of pork chops. They will differ in the kind of pig from which they are made. The basic level is a Classic Pork Chop with a Bone (PLN 26) served with salad on side, the higher level is Pork Chops from Złotnicka Pork (PLN 32). The best version of the pork at Schabowy is prepared from the meat of the Mangalica pig (PLN 42). This is a special breed of Hungarian domestic pig characterized by high fat content, excellent taste and reportedly lower cholesterol. Perfect meat for schabowy!

2. Warszawska (Plac Powstańców Warszawy 9) – juicy pork schnitzel with tartar sauce (PLN 58) breaded in crispy breadcrumbs and served in beautiful interiors of one of the most exclusive hotels in Warsaw? Yes, it’s here. If you want to eat a pork chop, which came out from the hands of the well-known chef Dariusz Barański, visit Warszawska. Pigs for schnitzels are bred specially for this restaurant, about 100km near Warsaw.

3. Mokolove (ul. Rożana 14) – one of the places that specializes in Polish home cooking. Chef Łukasz Pacewicz worked for many years as a sous chef at one of the best restaurants in Poland – Nolita. Today, he translates his skills into homemade Polish cuisine. Crispy pork chop with bone is served with fried sauerkraut and mashed potato (PLN 37).

4. Stary Dom (ul. Puławska 104/106) – our list cannot miss a place that has been focusing on Polish cuisine for years and even though the biggest hit is an oldschool beef tartare prepared at the guest table, of course Stary Dom menu would not be full without a Schabowy with bone (PLN 33)

5. Żywiciel (Pl. Inwalidów 10) – Żywiciel in Żoliborz, where Piotr Ceranowicz became the chef last year, also does have something to say in terms of pork chops. You will eat here a classic pork chop with bone, fried in lard with mashed potato and stewed cabbage (PLN 39)


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