Five hottest openings of this summer

Joanna Mróz 4 September 2018

Here is September, almost imperceptibly. For restaurant news, this is great news. There is always a lot going on in terms of new openings in autumn. But before we share about them, let’s summarize the biggest hits of this summer. When did our statistics jump? What did you click and liked the most?

5 hottest openings this summer

Eden Bistro – opened by the USTA Magazine staff, the vegan Eden bistro in Saska Kępa attracts fans of the vegan cuisine by Michał Gniłka. A beautiful garden, a greenhouse and interesting cocktails are even more reasons to visit Dom Funkcyjny at Jakubowska.

LAS – creators of Lokalna Atrakcja Stolicy (LAS) has shown us how to make a green, very forest-like place from the sad common room at the famous address of Solec 44. The Polish cuisine of Anna Klajmon, a beautiful terrace, as well as an attractive children’s corner help to expand the group of restaurant guests.

Prosciutteria – last week’s hit. Everything is Italian here and, in addition, of excellent quality. And everything “to share”. Although it seemed to everyone that all was said about the board of cheese and charcuterie already, Prosciutteria proves how much is still ahead of us. Plus, incredible crazy owner’s stories are for free.

Warmut – the first Polish vermuteria or vermut bar. Eight types of vermouths and more than twenty cocktails based on it to begin with. And the menu should evolve. Plus unusual interior with an inverted mock-up of Warsaw on the ceiling and stairs finished with a wall with saying “to be continued”.

Wozownia – who would have expected that at the back of Three Crosses Squere there is a 200-year-old coach house ( in Polish wozownia)? The creators of the old “Koszyki” (meaning the bar and market before renovation) not only restored this place to life, but also opened a bar here with grilled dishes and cocktails. And in the autumn they want to expand the hours and even serve breakfast!

Have you visited all the above places? Do you have your own holiday hits?

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