5 best for octopuse for 50% with Finebite

Marta Glinka 23 July 2019

The octopus does not have to be just a delicious memory from holidays by the Mediterranean, the Adriatic or the Aegean Sea. It is more and more popular dish in Warsaw restaurants nowadays. The list below is our choice of places where you can eat dishes with octopus, and you can pay half of the price using Finebite application. Below you will find a list of five places we selected for you:

  1. Altro Locale (ul. Willowa9) chef Andrea invites you for octopus carpaccio (PLN 35), as well as lettuce with octopus and potatoes (PLN 45).
  2. Dekant (ul. Zajęcza 15) – in this restaurant in Powiśle you will eat a grilled octopus with grilled pak choi, anchovies and salsa verde (PLN 89).
  3. L’arc Varsovie (ul.Puławska 16.) – chef Marcin Legat proposes several dishes with octopus such as octopus with a young potato, kohlrabi and shimeji salad (PLN 69) or sous vide with black tagliatelle with spinach and mayonnaise jalapeño (PLN 89). The octopus is also part of larger seafood dishes: sizzling plate (shrimp, squid, octopus and mussels) for PLN 129, as well as L’Arc pyramids (oysters, lobster, squid, octopus, shrimps) for PLN 795.
  4. Mesa Portuguesa (ul.Merliniego 2a) invites you to octopus carpaccio (PLN 28), black burger with grilled octopus, fresh vegetables, French fries and black mayonnaise (PLN 43), as well as baked octopus with potatoes, bacon and porto (PLN 52)
  5. Signature (ul.Poznańska 15) serves an octopus with potatoes, chimichurri and avocado (PLN 68). This is a dish created for Signature by Anita Lipnicka and Marek Gray.

In all of these places you can discover octopus dishes (but also other dishes from the menu) outside the rush hour for half price thanks to the Finebite. Download the Finebite application and taste the octopus dishes in Warsaw.

Do you have your favorite places where you prefer to eat octopus?

The partner of the article is Finebite. Photo source: Finebite



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