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Mojstolik.pl: a tablet instead of reservation book

Marta Glinka 3 June 2019

Mojstolik.pl is a new comprehensive booking platform available for Warsaw restaurants. It allows restaurant to conveniently manage table reservations in real time and integrates all channels of communication with guests: telephone, email, mobile application MojStolik and walk-in. Thanks to it, the restaurant managers have access to the dynamic view of the room, they decide about arrangements of tables, the number of available tables and for how long each table can be booked. An additional advantage of the system is the SMS booking confirmation mechanism with the option of cancellation via a link and sending an SMS to the guests with a reminder of the visit.

MojStolik is also a tool supporting restaurants in building customer loyalty. The system makes it possible to build a guest database, analyze the booking history and the visit counter shows which time guest visits the restaurant. When making a reservation, guests have the opportunity to add comments such as table preferences, favorite dishes or wines. The new platform allows secure storage of customer data in accordance with the requirements of the RODO, which is not met by the paper reservation book used usually by restaurants.

The application is already used by restaurants in Warsaw as Restauracja Baczewskich, Stixx Bar & Grill, Zielnik, Papu, Casa Pablo, Informal Kitchen, Concept 13, Hotel Warszawa, Pink Lobster, Flaming & Co, Bydło i Powidło, Syta93, Dekant, GURU, Regina Bar, Vilano. If you want to learn more and test the system for your restaurant, cafe or bar contact mojstolik.pl.

The partner of the article is the MojStolik application. Source of photos: MojStolik materials.

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