Where to eat goose in Warsaw?

Zbigniew Glinka 18 November 2016

As every year in November, many Warsaw restaurants introduced goose meat to their seasonal menus. This time of the year the goose meat is the tastiest, because goose breeding season ends in the late fall. Below you will find our selection of restaurants serving goose meat in Warsaw with examples from their menus.

Ale Wino Gęś 1

Ale Wino – goose pastrami, cabbage soup with goose dumpling, goose confit with porto sauce

Ed Red – goose giblets black ‘salceson’ (type of Polish head cheese) with lilac and blackthorn, cocktail with goose breast, oats, goose essence, seasoned yolk with rose and herbs, goose leg confit.

Enotekaroast goose broth, goose breast carpaccio, goose filet roasted in red wine with beetroot gnocchi

Focaccia Ristorante – foie gras with celery baked in salt cake, goose consomme with goose eggs noodles and goose fillet with red cabbage

Halkagoose gizzards krupnik (pearl barley soup), goose breast in cider sauce, goose leg in a sea buckthorn sauce.

iGrek – parsnip soup with goose cracklings, salad with pulled goose, roasted feta cheese and pear, goose breast with artichoke salad and mashed celeriac , goose leg confit with cherry jam and sweet potato chips

Kafe Zielony Niedźwiedź – stuffed goose neck with suska sechlońska (regional Polish plum) and galuszki noodles, goose leg from Renata Osojca with spatzle, suska sechlooska and russet

Nowa Próżna  – goose foie gras, ravioli with goose and mushrooms with beef broth, goose breast with rye and caramelized parsley

Opasły Tom – goose broth with smoked suska sechlońska and ravioli with roasted buckwheat, goose confit with red cabbage, suska sechlońska and mashed peas and millet

Sketch w Teatrze Wielkim –  goose pate with Złotnicki bacon, chestnuts and bread with dried fruit, white borscht on smoked goose, goose breast with potatoes confit and red cabbage

Waniliowa – goose pastrami with beetroot, pear and arugula, spelled ravioli with goose with cranberries and arugula and goose leg confit with red cabbage and gnocchi

Wilcza 50  – goose spread with rowan jam, smoked goose salad, large goose leg 

Varso Vie  – goose dumplings with cranberries and pear chutney, goose gizzards confit with apple, demi glace, goose leg with baked sweet potatoes, shallots and cherry jam.

Zest by Kibart goose leg confit sandwich, black pudding with goose meat in tempura, goose leg baked in cider  

Zorza – pulled goose leg burger, goose stew with horseradish sauce, goose pâté with pickled pumpkin.

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